Why Custom Design Is Your Best Friend

Ever spent your time daydreaming about finally tossing out that kijiji dining set that is no longer socially acceptable as you approach your mid 30’s?  Have your children recently left the nest and you can finally replace your living room furniture without the fear of it being ruined? Or maybe you are a business looking to spice up your current workspace or a home builder looking to re-model a show home? Regardless of your situation, Two Birds Furniture has you covered – so you can let your dream design come to life while leaving the dirty work in the hands of the expert staff!

Step 1: Meet with our design team

Not an overly savvy designer? Not a problem – our design specialists Robyn and Raveigh are available to guide you through the process and ensure that your creation turns out exactly how you imagined. From the initial blueprints to the layout and the finishing details, they are there to provide expert advice and tips along the way.

Step 2: Submit your design to our manufacturing team 

Would you consider yourself a not-so-handy man? Theres no shame in that! Our experienced manufacturing team will utilize their wood working skills and expertise to bring your 2D creation to life through innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Step 3: Watch your design come to life 

Now is the time to sit back, mix that refreshing cocktail and watch as your dream creation unfolds into a beautiful furniture piece, crafted specifically for your unique space and style.

Change your mind on a stain colour or a fabric print early on in the process? Not a problem – we cater to the needs of our clientele so we are more than happy to make minor adjustments along the way.

Step 4: Direct our installation team so that your design fits perfectly in your home

You may not be the next host of your own reality home building show but hey… no one can knock you for that because let’s be honest, it is highly ambitious. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to know your limitations and allow our professional installation team to take on the grunt work of delivering your new and exciting home interior.

With a process this easy, why settle for cookie cutter IKEA furniture, when you can have your personal flare translate into your custom furniture and design? We look forward to meeting you!

Need proof that the process is as fun and painless as we describe? Check out one of our valued customers testimonials below: 

“We recently renovated an old farmhouse just outside of Calgary and were looking to put some vintage, rustic elements in our home. 2 Birds had exactly what we were looking for and were willing to customize everything for our space.

We started with an 8’ mantle for over our fireplace. Robyn was amazing to work with, giving us lots of different options for style and colour. She even prepared a bunch of unique stain options to work with the wood tones already in the house that I was able to take home. In the end we chose to go with a faux beam as a solid 8’ beam would have been incredibly heavy and much more expensive. The mantle looks amazing and you would never know that it isn’t a solid beam. The distressing and staining make it look old and worn and the price was unbeatable – exactly what we were looking for!

Next we had them make a large framed mirror for one of the bathrooms. They were able to match the colour to our mantle and make it the exact right size for the space. I was blown away at the cost as comparable mirrors I had sourced were easily twice the price and not custom.

Lastly we commissioned them to make a dining room table. This was a bit trickier as we were very specific in what we were looking for. Both Robyn and Clinton were so helpful and took us through every option and every price point to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. The 9’x4’ trestle table was no small feat but it turned out beautifully! It is exactly what we wanted and such solid, sturdy construction. The care they put into staining and sealing it is evident and it is obvious that this table will last us a lifetime.

Working with 2 Birds was such a pleasure from beginning to end. Clinton and Robyn never hesitated to go the extra mile to make sure everything turned out perfectly. Their customer service is outstanding and the quality of their products is even better. I highly recommend 2 Birds to anyone looking for custom pieces for their home and I know we will be back for more!”




Albertan History In The Making

Yes, this blog title may have been in reference to the Darius Rucker song, but for the sake of this article it is also the perfect metaphor to express the mission of Two Birds Furniture. As a company that values traditional craftsmanship and community development, our goal is to leverage historical buildings to create meaningful heirlooms that will reignite Alberta’s rich farming history. As we know, history is the foundation that propels the future and the tool that allows for deeper understanding and appreciation. It is with this preservation of history that we encourage dialogue among communities and foster the connection between generations. We believe that we have tapped into a unique and alternative way to express these stories.

Check out a few of the buildings donated to us by some of Alberta’s local farming legends:

Stanlake Family: Airdrie, AB

Built in 1907 by Olaf Kolstad of Airdrie AB, this barn was used for milk cows, draft horses and hay storage. In 1958 the property was sold to the Stanlake Family and transitioned into Airdrie Feeders. From 1958 up until 2012 it housed sick pens for John Stanlake’s daughters 4H cows. From 2012 until 2016 this historical landmark remained out of use. It was dismantled in October of 2016 after being generously donated by John Stanlake and family to be reused by Two Birds Furniture Inc.

The Paul Family: Dinton, AB

In 1912 the Paul family constructed this hip roof barn – designed specifically to provide shelter to their draft horses which they used to till and work the land. The lean-to edition was built shortly afterwards to accommodate the families milk cows.  In the 1960’s, the farm was sold to the Suitor family who re-purposed the barn to be used for calving and raising 4H livestock. In 1985 the farm was sold off to the Sanderson family who reverted the building back to its initial purpose – raising livestock for market. By 2000, the barn was no longer in use. Since then the building has been used for storage of various farm equipment until June of 2017 when Two Birds dismantled it.

The Depaoli Family: Cayley AB

This storage facility was reclaimed from an old granary constructed in the 1940’s. The building was generously donated by the Depaoli family of Cayley, Alberta and will be recycled to make unique and durable furniture for our valued clients.

The Duce Family, Granum AB

Expertly constructed by Jack Duce Senior in the early 1930’s, this ranch horse barn certainly withstood the test of time.  The building was used as a stable for the Duce family trick riders in Granum Alberta up until 1981. In 2015 the Duce sisters where inducted into the Calgary Stampede Hall of Fame for their contributions and successes. In 2015 this heritage building was donated to Two Birds Furniture by Jack Duce and his family.


We would like to express our gratitude to all of the community members and families in the local Alberta region. It is because of your generosity that we are able to fulfill our mission to recognize our historic farms and ranches through the creation of reclaimed heirlooms that will last for generations to come. To see some of the furniture creations that utilized these barns and buildings, check out our Instagram page at twobirdsfurnitureinc . 


Two Birds & Burgundy Oak Have Teamed Up!

Two Birds Furniture is excited to announce our recent partnership with the Burgundy Oak Group Ltd – a locally founded business forged by innovation and craftsmanship. Similar to Two Birds, Burgundy Oak originated with the intention of producing unique, hand crafted pieces from recycled materials. The twist? Their products are exclusively manufactured from previously used wine barrels. 


Recognizing a growing trend in demand for re-purposed wine barrel products, Burgundy Oak hand selected local artisans as partners to assist in the manufacturing process – and so begins the relationship between our two companies. The integration of our business models has fostered a partnership that will allow greater creative license and provide an even broader product offering to our valued customer base, all while maintaining our dedication to environmental sustainability and the preservation of history.

From unique coffee tables to seasonal furniture, clocks and smoker barrels – Burgundy Oak pieces will be custom built in house at the Two Birds showroom to align with our customers design aspirations. Our design team will be available to collaborate on the perfect wine barrel piece to fit your space. Sourced from the heart of the Okanagan, the unique story behind the barrels and the rustic visual appeal will be sure to draw attention and quickly spark conversation between friends, colleagues and acquaintances during dinner parties and gatherings.

With all of that being said, we are extremely excited to dive into this partnership and expand on our product offerings to enhance the overall shopping experience for our valued clients! If you are interested in checking out Burgundy Oaks full product line then you can find it here. For any enquiries about the products and/or pricing, you can reach out to the Two Birds team.

For additional information about Burgundy Oak ltd. visit the companies affiliate website, Smoke Barrel. Here you will find an assortment of smokers available for purchase!


Barnwood Bliss: Why There Is No Better Alternative

Feeling uninspired by your homes current lack of creativity? Check out the top 4 reasons to choose recycled barn wood to bring your interior design visions to life!

1.) Authenticity 

The authenticity of reclaimed wood is shaped over a lifetime of exposure to the natural elements. Each divot, crease or colour variation tells a narrative that is unique to its own. Archival in nature, these materials are re-purposed to produce furniture that preserve a chapter of history that may otherwise be forgotten.

2.) Sustainability 

Procuring recycled materials to manufacture custom furniture yields a more advanced level of environmental conscientiousness.  Through re-using these materials, forests can remain intact and grasslands can be cleared to increase the area for livestock grazing and crop growth, thus promoting the success of a sustainable agricultural sector, while protecting the forests that act as a home to many of the local wildlife.

3.) Resilience 

Unforgiving environmental exposure allows the wood to develop a strong resistance to potentially damaging external factors. As such, these materials are less likely to warp or crack under variable temperatures and circumstances, making them a sturdy alternative to brand new wood.

4.) Contemporary 

Vintage is in – and there is no denying that barn wood has the capacity to add that desired rustic charm to any space. Whether you are looking for a feature wall to spice up your family room, or you want to make a grand entrance with beautifully reclaimed french doors – you will not find a better material than barn wood. It’s distinct character makes it appealing to home owners, interior designers and builders alike!



Two Birds and One Team.

Our Story:

Open, unfiltered dialogue between two people can often generate some of the most abstract and innovative ideas, and so it is no surprise that Two Birds Furniture was a byproduct of such a conversation in 2013 between co-founders Clinton Pigeon and Robyn Brown. It was their rural roots and their innate desire to design & create that inspired their idea to pursue a company based on environmental sustainability and inherent rustic charm. Raised to appreciate quality craftsmanship and hard work, Clint and Robyn were dedicated to developing a company culture that revolved around the principles and ethics of their forefathers.
Recognizing that the local community lacked access to quality, custom made furniture, they embarked on an adventure that aimed to fulfill this need. With the growing popularity of products made from recycled materials, Clint and Robyn seized the opportunity to collaborate with their local communities. Removing barnwood from rural buildings throughout Alberta gave them the exclusive resources they needed to create personalized furniture for hundreds of homes in the surrounding area. Not only do these reclaimed materials evoke conversation centered around environmental impact, but the authenticity of the wood itself is priceless in the history that it holds.

Our Founders:


And the team that makes it possible…



Last but certainly not least, our design partner…